B.Sc Veterinary Science & A.H

B.Sc Veterinary Science & A.H


Veterinary Science was well developed in India as early as the Vedic period and the world`s first veterinary hospital in Ashoka`s regime . Today India has the largest livestock population in the world, contributing to 15 percent of the world population. Livestock industry of India contributes 8 percent of the GDP, Where as 32 percent of GDP contribution from the agriculture industry come from livestock itself . Great growth can be expected in the field based on the numbers. Veterinary science , the science and art of diagnosing,treating and caring of sick animals, encompasses all types of diseases and treatments of small animals, birds and big mammals. Previously there was no consciousness about animals, Today people are more aware about the field of Veterinary Science. Farmers know about the importance of animal management at farms. Veterinary Science made simple practioners are commonly called Veterinary doctors or Vets. They perform surgery as well as all types of treatment, Breeding, genetic engineering as well as caring for livestock.

Employment Oppurtunities:

1) State and central Government,

2) Veterinary Hospitals/Primary Veterinary centres,

3) State Livestock Farms,

4) Banks & Insurance Companies,

5) Poultry Farms,

6) Meat and Milk Processing Plants,

7) Polyclinics,

8) Disease Investigation Centre

10) Biological Products and Vaccine Institution

11) Public health Labs.

12) Faculty in state Agriculture Universities and state Veterinary Universities…..Many more.

Being a good vet: You need to feel genuine compassion for animals, since animal don’t speak, you need to read the signs from their behavior, Owner feedback and diagnose the ailment correctly. Ability to handle emergencies and working in physically disagreeable conditions is required. Back kicks by an animal in pain should be expected. If you work with large animals , you need physical stamina and quick body reflexes to tackle their behavior.